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Ten things PR @ GSU has taught me

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Linda Silfies

Ten things PR @ GSU has taught me


Thanks for sharing this post. I feel that everyone should read this because it is 100% true. I have a LinkedIn account and it is very useful. Even if you still have time in school set it up and get your name out there. Connecting with professionals is the biggest start to your future.  Congratulate them on a project they did or just simply say hey. Let them know who you are. Having a well developed and updated resume is EXTREMELY important. Let them know what you are capable of.  Twitter is very important for networking, so having a twitter account can help if you use it properly. Job searching is a must. You do have to see what is out there. One mistake people make is that they have their heart set out on one thing and wait till after graduation to start looking. It is wise to have a plan B or even a plan C just in case.  Lastly, you do have to beware of facebook. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve gone to my mom’s place of business and heard them talking about someone’s facebook page. So be aware, be prepared, and thanks for posting this.



2 comments July 2, 2010

blog comments important?

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Novella Okoro

Blog comment important


I have to agree with you. It is very important to create dialogue between blogs. I help bring awareness to your blog while creating blog on blog relationships. Comments are a major part of blogging especially if you do it right. Taking the time to create an effective blog can make a world of difference in blogging. I also agree that blogs can be very informative. Blogs are like your personal insight on whatever topic you are looking for. For example, your post is very informative and for the people who are new to blogging this will be a great post for them to read. Keep up the good work.


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One week of twitter

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Melissa Morris

One week of twitter


Sorry I can’t help you but I just want to say I know exactly how you feel. I didn’t get a Twitter account until this class. I was super confused. I was probably boring my followers because I have no idea what to say. Nothing important goes on in my life to be tweeting. I was like what am I suppose to tweet; “Christen is sitting in the den watching Vampire diaries and Supernatural?” I was lost. Now, I sort of get it. I enjoy following people, companies, and organizations but as far as my followers go, I have no idea what to tell them.


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Getting your creative juices flowing

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Amber Laurin

Getting your creative juices flowing


                I find these tips very useful. It is harder than you think to create an effective blog that catches people attention. I find that being original and making your blog more personal will make you stand out from other bloggers. I find that adding personal pictures you took yourself is also a great tip.  Anyone can find pictures off the internet it is unique and different to post your own. These tips are very helpful for beginning bloggers. Keep up with the good work.


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Want a hotel Upgrade?

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Amy Green

Want a hotel upgrade?


I find this very interesting. Hotels that post on the internet have seen improvements with more guests. However, what concerns me is that since this guy post this article people will start taking advantage of hotel owners just to get “bang for their buck.” Everyone searches for a good deal and if they see a way that they can save money and get the best they will run it in the ground to the point where they would ruin it for the people who really need to see that improvement in the hotel. On the other hand, hotels posting on twitter and facebook are not a bad idea. It is a good source of information and it will bring awareness to the consumer.


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Banks using Twitter?!

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Casey Corley

Banks using Twitter?!


I guess banks feel they have to keep up with the times. They probably considered Twitter because it is a good networking site and a great place for information. Banks probably think that since people tweet all day every day that it will be good for business to put their company on there as well. I’m not even surprise that they decided to join. Soon schools and churches will be hopping on twitter as well.


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What’s the deal with Twitter?

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Nikki Arcalas

What’s the deal with Twitter?


I have to agree with you. I thought twitter was the most pointless website that was ever made. I felt that who care about what you are eating and who made you mad. After using it for the class I feel differently now. I would never use it personally but as a networking tool it is very convenient. I met a lady on there that was in charge for setting up internships and I probably would have never met her if I didn’t explore twitter.


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New Law Restricting Paparazzi Rights


Allie Aronson

New Law Restricting Paparazzi Rights

June 17, 2010


Restrictions for the paparzzi are highly needed. They have no boundaries for people privacies and they don’t care who get hurt in the process as long as they get “the money shot.”  I have to agree with you. I will not name any names but I have a friend of the family who family member is a publicist and they do give away their whereabouts, but if you actually ask a publicist why they do that they’re going to tell you that they are doing it for the celebrity. To help them stay in the spotlight. Whether it is a charity event, a private outing, or party they fill the people has the right to know.


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McCain and Snooki BFF?

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Jessica Dennis 

McCain and Snooki bff? 

June 17, 2010 

 Oh is that Snooki, I thought Jonny Depp was doing a sequel to Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and that was one of the Umpa Lumpas!!! Seriously a 10% tax on tanning is not that bad beside Snookie needs to stay far far far away from a tanning bed. As a matter of fact I think she should avoid the sun all together. I’m not sure if McCain is trying to get on the good side of the younger crowd or what, but this is not the way to go. Encouraging someone’s stupidity is wrong! Don’t get me wrong I love Snooki she is my favorite person on Jersey Shore, but really have she looked in a mirror. She has to notice that her skin color is not right.  

I like Snooki better tan not Orange and McCain just stop it!

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Fashion PR

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Fashion PR

June 12, 2010

I can agree with you to an extent because Fashion PR should be about what you can do instead of what you look like. However, we do live in a society where the epiphany of beauty make this industry seem very shallow.I also like fashion and everything that has to do with it. Fashion PR is my passion and I wish I was there to hear the lecture because reading your blog made it seem very interesting. PR in any form  (meaning fashion, organizations, companies, etc.) it is going to be more downs then ups. It is a fast paced business where there are deadlines and a place where the unexpected can happen. Basically what I’m saying is you must have a passion for PR to have a job in PR because if you don’t you’ll probably hate it.

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