Chapter 11

June 15, 2010 cjenkins8

Some of the things that are typical in the gay community is

  • Households have a median income of $65,000 a year
  • well educated
  • high brand loyalty

Teens usually gain their trust from relationships

Some things that are indicative of the Hispanic audience is

  • “Nacho Libre” was a movie that was made with them in mind.
  • They listen to the radio more then any other audiences.
  • Television programs do especially well in the 18-34 demographic.

Women are the audience that makes more than 80% of the household purchase decisions.

Health issues are more interested to the baby boomer generation.

Seniors are not convinced by fads, vote consistently, are more avid consumers of the mass media, are excellent source of volunteers, and are extremely heath-conscious.

Richard Nixon was rocked by the watergate scandal

Andy Warhol came up with the phrase “15 minutes of fame.”

Don Imus was a radio and television personality that was fired because of his insensitive comments about the women’s basketball team at Rutgers University.


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