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June 14, 2010 cjenkins8


Tiffany Cadogan is a driven individual that have high goals and high expectations for her company that she literally is building from the ground up. She is my inspiration so when we were assigned this assignment I already knew who I wanted to interview. She had a dream and made it happen. Hearing her story made me want to reach my own goals. She is CEO, a Georgia Southern University graduate, and a huge friend of the family.

She chose to start a career in PR out of the love for working with people. Although She received her undergraduate degree in Justice Studies, she always enjoyed planning events and working with different organization to help them make a name for themselves. Also, she knew she wanted to work in entertainment, but after trying out different areas, she found her calling in PR. Tiffany said, “in PR, there is no typical work week. PR is a 24-7, 365 career, so you never know what to expect. I guess you can say the average week consists of a couple client meetings and meetings with my business partner to discuss client accounts. Of course, there is the pitching stories, building media contacts, and searching for more clients. In addition, I try to stay current by reading magazines, blogs, and utilizing various social media sites.” Since she have a fairly new agency, she tend to do a lot of single projects, but she currently have 2 client accounts. One of her clients, Exit Sports, is in the beginning stages of building a social networking sites for sports, so they have been working on brand development to determine what will work best to gain them followers and sponsorship. she also worked with the Trumpet Awards, Sheree of the Real Housewives of Atlanta, and a few nonprofit organizations. To stay current on the PR techniques, she attend seminars and read PR related blogs, such as the Also, PR is all about building and maintaining relationships, so she attend weekly networking events and assist other publicist with projects. Before starting her career in PR, she wish she would have obtained a PR degree so she would be knowledgeable about the basics. Everything she learned about PR is from internships and reading books about the profession.

She said, “writing is extremely important in the PR field. Regardless of what industry your client is in, their PR campaign will consist of about 90% writing. If you can not express your clients product or service in writing, then how will you be able to communicate it to the public.” 3 tips that she would give some just starting out would be first, obtain an established agency internship- even though you may have received a degree, the real world experience of an agency will prepare you for the future and allow you to make connection that you can use when you branch out on your own. Second, find your niche. There are several areas of PR, make sure you narrow down your area of interest because this will allow you to focus and become an expert in that area. Lastly, build relationships. A good rapport with industry professionals, the media, and potential clients will mean everything in your longevity in this career. Once you spoil a relationship, it will be very hard to gain that trust or connection back. Her education didn’t provide her with the basic knowledge of PR because she was a justice studies major, but it did provide her with great writing techniques that she utilize in the PR profession. As she stated before, she obtained several industry internships and read books to learn more about PR.


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  • 1. publicrelationswriter  |  June 19, 2010 at 8:33 PM

    Thank you for your information about this interview. It is interesting because even though Ms. Cadogan did not have specific public relations education, she was able to do internships that enabled her to ‘qualify’ for public relations positions.

    It is also interesting to note that she says that 90% of the job is writing. For me that is very good to know, as writing is my first love, my drive and my passion. And so it’s good to know that along with the other aspects of pr that I love, I’ll be able to incorporate my love of writing into a job that will be most satisfying for me.
    Thanks for the encouragement.

    • 2. cjenkins8  |  June 21, 2010 at 12:57 PM

      You are welcome. Ms. Cadogan encouraged me as well. PR is my passion so I understand completely what you mean about writing being you first love. Talking with her was enlightening, even though there were some downs to having a career in PR the ups extremely out weighed the bad. Good luck in furthering your career and hope you succeed in your dreams.
      Christen Jenkins

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